Last year in April 2017, Unity Convoy took the largest ever ambulance convoy to Syria. Initial findings of data from ground indicate approximately 8,500 patients were served in a period of 6 months through 50 of the ambulances sent in 2017.

The scale of the humanitarian crisis has forced charities to come together again and address the dire need for ambulances and medical equipment across the country.

The elected lead charity for the Unity Convoy is Hand in Hand for Aid & Development, who will be facilitating the handover of ambulances into Syria.

The convoy of 100 ambulances will be departing from the UK in October 2018, travelling by road through Europe and heading for the Bulgarian border with Turkey. To complete the final leg of the convoy, the ambulances will be handed over to the Syrian partners of the consortium, who will deliver and distribute the ambulances inside Syria.

The Unity Convoy will also be supporting the re-establishment programme for Kafr Nabl Hospital which was targeted by an airstrike and partially destroyed along with Ambulances from the Unity Convoy in 2017.

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