A coalition of charities have come together to send ambulances from the UK into Syria.  Unity Convoy is a display of humanity in its purest form.

The project aims to give a lifeline to various hospitals in Syria.  A key focus around unity of charities in the UK sends a strong message to the Syrian civilians, the doctors and humanitarians that they are not forgotten, they are seen, they are heard, and people do care.

Syria’s hospitals, medics and medical facilities have been repeatedly targeted since the country’s brutal civil war started in 2011. There have been at least 382 attacks on medical facilities since the conflict began and the vast majority have allegedly been carried out by Syria’s government, according to Physicians for Human Rights. (Physicians of Human Rights 2016)

The conflict has also sparked a huge increase in people who need medical care and a major shortage of essential drugs and equipment. According to the UN, more than 11.5 million Syrians need urgent healthcare.

Unity Convoy aims to inspire charities to send 100 ambulances to Syria in April 2017.

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