Click on any of the Charity Buttons below to donate towards Medical Aid inside Syria.

All donations will go towards ambulances and medical aid inside Syria.

You easily set up a fundraising page to raise £5000 and join us as a volunteer on the convoy!  If you are not able to join us on the drive, don’t let that stop you setting up a page or donating to any of the pages already set up.  Click here apply to volunteer on the Convoy as a driver, and you could actually drive that ambulance across Europe with Unity Convoy*.

We can also arrange for your name or logo to be added to the vehicle graphics design if you hit a certain target.

You can either donate the amount via one of the buttons below, or email us for more information.

Unity Convoy is also collecting Zakah – Please make sure you specify if your donation is Zakah.  This will not be used for Ambulances, but for the most needy inside Syria.

*All volunteers must go through official application process before confirmation of place on convoy is given.